FIN deeply affected by King’s apologies

The Hague (March 10th 2020) – Federatie Indische Nederlanders (FIN, Federation of Dutch Indos) is unpleasantly surpized and deeply affected by the apologies King Willem-Alexander made to Indonesia in 2020 for the excessive violence in former Dutch Indies during the Indonesian war of independence between 1945 and 1949.

The apology is inappropriate while it ignores the suffering of Dutch (Indos), a group that has severely burdened by Indonesian terror.

FIN regrets the king is getting mixed up in a painful subject – which is still highly sensitive for victims and their relatives – and which is subject of a big research effort by NIOD, NIMH and KITLV.

“Our parents would be turning in their graves upon hearing the news, a group that barely survived the Indonesian massacers and many whom have worked so hard to rebuild The Netherlands after World War II” said a spokesman.

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