Charges against Bersiap denier Triyana

THE HAGUE (January 11, 2022) – The Rijksmuseum will censor the historical term Bersiap in its upcoming exhibition Revolusi! According to Indonesian guest curator Bonnie Triyana, the term is “racist”. (Indo)-Dutch people are dumbfounded. “I am physically ill because of this,” says Hans Moll, chairman of the Dutch East Indies Federation (FIN). Moll is pressing … “Charges against Bersiap denier Triyana” verder lezen


Bersiap is Malay for “Be ready” or “Pay attention!”. It is the battle cry of Indonesian (para)military organizations and gangs which, almost immediately after the capitulation of Japan, sowed death and destruction among initially mainly non-Indonesians in the former Dutch East Indies. During the height of this extremely violent period, which ran in the cities from September 1945 to … “Bersiap” verder lezen

Geschiedkundig geblunder bij Pelita

DEN HAAG (15 december 2021) – Stichting Pelita ligt onder vuur, door geschiedkundig geblunder rondom de geschiedenis van (Indische) Nederlanders. Het is een opvallend dieptepunt voor de stichting, die zich zegt in te zetten voor (Indische) Nederlanders, maar zich de afgelopen jaren steeds meer is gaan vervreemden van haar doelgroep. In een podcastserie van Pelita, … “Geschiedkundig geblunder bij Pelita” verder lezen

Historiography blunder at Pelita

THE HAGUE (December 15, 2021) – The Pelita Foundation (Stichting Pelita) is under fire in The Netherlands due to historiography blunders surrounding the history of the Indo-Dutch. It is a striking low point for the foundation, which says it is committed to Indo-Dutch, but has increasingly alienated itself from its target audience in recent years. … “Historiography blunder at Pelita” verder lezen